Pregnancy Update

I had another appointment today. My body is still making progress toward having this baby girl which is good (now 2 centimeters dilated). We also discussed induction. I have a lot of anxiety about being induced (from my experience with Mallory’s birth since they basically had to induce me after my water broke and my contractions weren’t progressing) but will concede to it once I reach a certain point past my due date for the health of the baby. If things don’t progress naturally on their own, I am scheduled to be induced January 10 which is eight days past my due date. I truly hope it won’t come to an induction nor do I think the baby will wait that long, but that’s the back up plan.

One thought on “Pregnancy Update

  1. Loosh! I cannot wait to hear about the arrival of Babygirl Wilke #2! I have been thinking about you a lot. You look great- and I will pray for no induction and a smooth delivery— and of course all the other things needed when bringing a new baby home. Sure am glad your mom is there. Love you lots!

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