Some Progress

I had my 38 week appointment today (actually, I am one day shy of 38 weeks). From the looks of things, my body isn’t ready to go into labor anytime soon, but it’s working on it (last week I was a fingertip dilated, this week 1 cm). So, some progress made, but nothing to indicate that labor is imminent, which is fine by me. I’d like to make it through the holidays still pregnant, even as uncomfortable as I might be. My next appointment is Thursday, December 27 (I’ll be 39w1d). If still no baby, then my last appointment is Thursday, January 3 — a day after my due date. At the last appointment my OB will schedule an induction for the following week if the baby doesn’t come on her own; giving me an induction between January 8 – 10, most likely. I really don’t want to be induced, but will if necessary once I am at least a week overdue. The placenta starts to deteriorate by then so for the health of the baby, it is something I would do. Hopefully all of the induction talk will jinx us and mean the baby will come on her own. We will see.

Even though I know there’s big money associated having the baby in 2007, because of tax credits, exemptions and deductibles (something Jonathan the accountant reminds me of frequently), I would still prefer to have her birth day in 2008 for a couple of reasons.

  1. Mallory was 5 days late and still just a pip squeak at 6 pounds, 14 ounces. So, I would assume that this baby is similar in size to Mallory and she’ll need as much time to *bake* as possible.
  2. Having the baby later means that her birthday will be further away from Christmas. As silly as this sounds, when she gets older, birthday parties will be easier if her birthday is in January since her friends would likely be in town. If her birthday is in late December, that is when families are busy with the holidays and also traveling, so it would be hard to have her birthday parties on her birthday. By allowing nature to take its course and not inducing earlier than my due date, I am doing what I can to keep her birthday from being lumped in with Christmas.

I have been meaning to take a picture of my belly to show how big it is and to compare it to the belly I had with Mallory. Maybe I’ll get around to doing that this week. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Some Progress

  1. Lucia…you are so close! I was also 5 days late with Landon! I thought for sure I would have Taylor a little earlier…nope…she was 9 days late! That baby will be here before you know it! She will come when she’s ready! I can’t wait.

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