Santa Baby

Santa Baby

Poor Miss Mal. I made her get her picture taken with Santa today (for comparison, here’s last year’s Santa photo). She’s going through some major stranger/separation anxiety right now, so I didn’t anticipate the Santa photo op to be a pleasant experience and I was right. Mallory recognizes Santa in books and on the TV and will say, “ho, HO, ho-oh” in a very sing song way when you ask her what Santa says. She was even ok looking at and pointing to Santa while we waited in line for the picture. Once I set her in his lap, it was a different story and she started crying right away. However, I don’t know that Santa was the issue. It could have been anyone’s lap other than mine or Jonathan’s and I think she would have been just as upset. Her timing for this stranger/separation anxiety isn’t the best considering that I’m days (3 weeks at most) from having her little sister. Her world will be turned upside down very shortly.

One thought on “Santa Baby

  1. It’s still such a cute picture! We still have separation anxiety with Landon. I think some kids have it and others don’t. He’s fine going to school, but if it’s with a babysitter or anyone else, he will cry when we leave! Miss Mallory will love her baby sister and they will grow up to be so close!

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