Forward Facing Finally

Today Mallory saw the world in a whole new way — forward facing in the car. Car seat manufacturers and the American Academy of Pediatrics say you can turn the car seat forward facing when your child is 20 pounds and 12 months old. However, I’m hypersensitive about car seat safety, so I’ve kept Mallory rear facing as long as I could for her own safety. She’s now 20+ months old and around 25 pounds. I feel good about having kept her rear facing as long as I have. We were lucky that Mallory was happy rear facing this long; most kids aren’t. It was easy for us to keep her rear facing because she’s not tall so leg space wasn’t an issue; she could still see out easily, just backwards; and she didn’t fight being put into her car seat. I was hoping to keep her rear facing until she was 2, but this weekend she became hysterical in the car seat several times and fought being put in it. She’s going through some major separation anxiety and I am hoping that turning her around and having her see me in the car with her helps ease the anxiety she’s having. We’ve only been in the car a couple of times with her forward facing and she seems to like it — lots of smiles and pointing. I’ll try to get a picture and post it to show what a big girl she is.

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