More diaper troubles :(

I don’t know how to fix the problems we are having with Mallory’s diapers. Mallory has now figured out how to take her diaper off under her clothes, while she still has them on. She’s done this twice now. First time, no mess. This time, a different story. I went in to get her this morning and I noticed her PJs looked odd — bunchy and kinda wet — but still fully snapped up. Upon further inspection, they also looked poopy. 😦 I promptly put her up on the changing table and could tell her diaper was no longer positioned correctly. It was only around one leg. Getting her PJs and diaper off was a complete mess — poop all down her legs and in her PJs. Add to that, I have a VERY sensitive gag reflex while pregnant, so I’m gagging and trying not to throw up this whole time. I cleaned her up quickly and into the tub she went and her PJs, sheets, mattress pad and blanket into the sink in the laundry room. There was still a mess in her PJs that I needed to clean up. It was too much for my nose/mind/eyes and I did throw up while cleaning them out. Then to top it off, just as I’m getting Mallory dressed after her bath, I pick her up and she spits up all down my back and some on the floor. She hasn’t spit up in AGES! Any suggestions on how to get her from messing with her diaper when she has clothes on? I have her in a snap crotch shirt today under some overalls but I won’t put it past her to figure out how to get her diaper off with it on.

2 thoughts on “More diaper troubles :(

  1. Hey Lucia! I have a friend here whose son was taking his diaper off and smearing it on the walls. YUK! My friend’s mom actually suggested trying to potty train him. Maybe Mallory is asking to be potty trained, in a very strange way. 🙂 I hope things get better!!

  2. She is a smart girl!! I agree with Karen…maybe she’s ready to be potty trained since she is trying to get out of a wet or dirty diaper. Landon could still care less whether his diaper is dirty so I think we still have a ways to go!

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