Wild and Crazy Girl

Today I went to get Mallory’s pictures taken for our Christmas card. I knew that this task might be difficult as Mallory has turned into a wild and crazy girl in the last couple of weeks. She does not sit still and is into everything. You can’t take your eyes off of her for fear that she’s going to climb up on something, likely fall, then hurt herself. We’ve had some close calls with her almost getting hurt really badly, and that has been with us right there with her. So, needless to say, I was not looking forward to today at the picture studio. Considering that I am 35 weeks pregnant and was expecting to wrestle a monkey to get a decent picture, the experience went better than I hoped. Mallory cooperated pretty well and the pictures came out ok, not great, but they will work for what we want. Here’s a quick look at the two pictures* I bought. Now it’s time to put my spin on them and turn them into our Christmas card.

 #1  #2

*Notice the cute ponytails she has? After finishing up at the picture studio, we took a short car ride to have lunch with Jonathan and she pulled out her ponytails in transit. (For some reason Mallory likes to pull out her ponytails whenever we ride in the car. Similarly, she also takes off her shoes and socks in the car. So, I’ve learned not to *do* her hair or put shoes and socks on her when leaving the house as I’ll have to redo these things once we reach our destination.) I later found the bows in the car and one of them had a big chunk of hair in it, about 2 inches long. Ack! I found where the chunk of hair originated on her head (it’s not really noticeable), but goodness, that had to hurt pulling out a clump of hair. No more ponytails in the car for her or she’ll end up bald!

And for comparison, here’s last year’s Christmas portrait. What a difference a year makes!

Christmas 2006

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