To do before the baby arrives

The days until “baby sister’s” arrival are quickly dwindling (to date there are 61 days until the due date of January 2). We’ve taken care of getting a few big things done, namely finishing Mallory’s big girl room. We have just a few small things to do before she arrives.  The most important being deciding on her name. I’ve come up with a list as has Jonathan but we haven’t done much with the lists except look at them. We are using the same criteria to pick out this little girl’s name as we did Mallory’s name:

  • gender specific
  • familiar but not common (trying to avoid names in the top 100 or even 50)
  • easy to pronounce
  • common spelling

I tend to like old fashioned names (or “old lady” names) that Jonathan does not like. I’m not sure how to describe the names that Jonathan likes since they are a mix. We’ve been using Nymbler’s Personal Baby Name Assistant and The Baby Name Wizard’s Name Voyager to help us; to no avail at this point. One day soon we’ll figure this out.

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