Mallory: Growing Up

It has been an eventful couple weeks for Mallory.

First, she discovered she has TWO loose teeth (her first). She has been anticipating this milestone since the start of kindergarten, so it has been a long time coming since she is now in first grade. The adult teeth are already visible behind the two loose bottom teeth, so I imagine it won’t be long before she has some holes in her mouth. Pictures to come once a baby tooth or two falls out.

Second, something must have clicked for her and she figured out how to ride her bike on her own. Jonathan took her training wheels off awhile ago, but she couldn’t figure out how to balance on her own. Then, one day she just did it. Now she wants to ride her bike to school (we are really too far for that).

Third, Mallory has been begging for an American Girl doll, McKenna specifically since she is a gymnast. I told her we were not buying her one because they are too expensive. However, if she wanted to save her money, she could buy one. I wanted her to know the value of the doll, so she would take care of it. I knew she could do both (save money and take care of one) because she has been taking care of the Bitty Twin she has. And, she has never used the money in her piggy bank so she had a good bit stashed away already. When she finally had enough money for the doll + an outfit, we headed to the American Girl store in Dallas, a place the girls had not been to before. What a treat!

After picking out a doll and outfits (C & T used their piggy bank money to pick an outfit for their Bitty Twin & Baby), we checked out the rest of the store. We did not stay to have a treat in the bistro, but maybe we will do that another time.

As we left, I got a shot of the girls with their goodies in hand.

And the fourth milestone that Mallory reached was doing a bridge kickover at gymnastics. She has been working on this skill for a while so she was thrilled to figure out how to do it.

First grade is keeping Mallory busy beyond what has been mentioned above. She loves school: her favorite subject is art; she is doing well in all subjects; she is, apparently, everyone’s friend; she has some girlfriends that she really likes to hang out with; and her teacher is pleased with her performance in class. Now all we need to work on are her listening skills and attitude at home. 😉


Fall Happenings

And just like that, we are just around the corner from Halloween. The days and weeks go by like a blink of an eye.

The girls painted their pumpkins so we are now kinda-ready for Halloween. The girls like driving around neighborhoods, checking out each house to determine whether or not its occupants are “ready,” “kinda ready” or “not ready” for Halloween based on the decorations outside.

After pumpkin painting, we attended Octoberfest in Southlake on a unseasonably very chilly day (highs in the mid to low 50s).

The big girls had a blast on all of the bouncy things.

Mallory was excited to try the climbing wall, something she tried for the first time at the last Southlake festival we attended.

She climbed almost all the way to the top!

Her excitement prompted Chelsea to try the wall too.

Tessa, not the dare devil, was content to watch the big girls play and cheer them on. She was getting pretty cold just standing around and I finally convinced her to sit in the stroller so I could wrap her up. She was much happier after that.

What a fun day we had. 🙂